The Bad Ink Story

We recognize that each client's story is unique, so our approach is to provide personalized care and unwavering dedication. We are driven by a commitment to excellence and a passion for empowering individuals to reclaim their skin's narrative.

Bad Ink Laser Clinic was founded in 2021 by Erich Haley and Dr. Christal Dickun and born out of Erich’s negative experience getting old, poorly done tattoos removed for new, cover-up tattoos.

Like most people finally deciding to take the plunge and get laser tattoo removal, Erich did some basic internet research about the procedure and found a well-reviewed practitioner near him offering discounted rates. While the practitioner’s reviews were mixed, the practice had the most Yelp reviews, leading Erich to believe they were an experienced provider.

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At Bad Ink Laser Clinic, we focus solely on tattoo removal and are passionate about tattoos and helping people to look and feel their best. We understand that people change, and life happens, so we firmly believe in the motto Change your look, Change your life®.

Meet Our Specialists

Erich Haley

Founder of Bad Ink Laser Clinic and Certified Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist

Erich is a former Government contractor and veteran of the tech industry. Before attaining his Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist Certificate, Erich spent the majority of his 15-year career supporting critical overseas missions and cutting-edge technology integration into the Intelligence and Defense communities. He is an avid tattoo collector, boasting pieces from several well-known tattoo artists. He is also passionate about art and collects tattoo, street, and pop art. Erich loves to travel with his family, is a motorcycle enthusiast, and an avid snowboarder.

Dr. Christal Dickun, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Dickun is a board-certified physician with over 15 years of experience practicing medicine. After attaining her M.D. at the Drexel University College of Medicine, Dr. Dickun joined the United States Navy and completed an Emergency Medicine Residency program at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego. She went on to serve as an active-duty emergency medicine physician for the U.S. Navy at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton, was deployed to Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom, and supported the Pacific Fleet at Naval Hospital Guam, before being honorably discharged in 2016 as a Lieutenant Commander. Given her strong military background, Dr. Dickun has always had an interest in body art and in 2021, completed her training to become certified in laser tattoo removal at the Elaine Sterling Institute for Continuing Education. In the same year, she helped to found Bad Ink Laser Clinic and continues to serve as the clinic’s Medical Director.

Chris Brown, RN BAS CLS

Certified Laser Tattoo Removal Specialist

Chris is a U.S. Army Combat Veteran. After completing his military service, Chris attended Pasco Hernando State Collee to become a Registered Nurse specializing in Oncology. He has been a life-long tattoo enthusiast and met Erich while getting some older work removed for new tattoos. He quickly became interested in tattoo removal and attended Rocky Mountain Laser College, earning his Certified Laser Specialist certificate in 2023. When he’s not caring for patients, you can find him fishing, skydiving, or scuba diving.

Abby Bellamy

Office Manager

In 2019, Abby completed her aesthetician training at Chesapeake School of Aesthetics, obtaining her license. Initially employed as a skin care therapist at Ulta Beauty, she took a hiatus during the pandemic to embrace motherhood. During that time, she also explored other roles in the service industry and as an event coordinator at a major motorcycle brand. Abby has returned to the aesthetic industry to pursue her interest in tattoo removal and helping people look their best. She's gearing up to expand her expertise by pursuing a certification as a laser tattoo removal technician.