Laser Fading for Cover-Ups

Thinking about getting a cover-up or modifying an existing tattoo? Our tattoo-centric approach combined with advanced fading techniques, pave the way for seamless cover-up tattoos, giving you the freedom to get the ink you want.

Best Method for Fading Tattoos

Step One

Find your tattoo artist that you will be working with on your cover-up. We recommend finding an artist first, as we can work directly with them for optimal results. 

Step Two

Schedule a consultation with Bad Ink laser clinic to determine timeline for laser fading/lightening or complete removal.

Step Three

Start and finish your laser fade or complete removal sessions with Bad Ink. The number of sessions needed will vary depending on the size, color, placement and complexity of your tattoo. We use new, Candela PicoWay lasers and accelerated removal protocols like R20 and products like the DESCRIBE PFD patch, which means that we can perform multiple passes per treatment session, making our treatments faster and more effective.

Step Four

Consult your Tattoo artist again approximately 90 days after your last treatment to ensure your tattoo is faded enough for them to start your new design.

Step Five

Start and finish your cover-up tattoo sessions with your tattoo artist!

Frequently Asked Questions

“Erich at Bad Ink is awesome. He does a great job of explaining the process, helping you walk through your tattoo goals (ie complete removal, or working towards a cover up), as well as completing the laser session itself. The place is in a great location, clean, and organized. 10/10 recommend. You don’t have to live with ink you don’t love.

- Helen W.

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